Friday, July 3, 2015

World peace

Riley and Chella are becoming pretty tight friends. 

We went to the vet Thursday for Riley's annual exam. She had her DHPP booster, Lepto 4 vaccine, flu booster and bordetella shot. Dr. Anderson was subbing for Dr. Cruz who is taking a few days off over the Fourth of July weekend. Riley's weight has creeped up to 77.5 pounds. So we're going to walk a little more and eat a little less until she gets to about 70 pounds. Otherwise, she's in amazing shape, so says Dr. Anderson. Everything looks good. We got some Composure chews that are supposed to help with the anxiety, and some more of the anxiety pills, which are in short supply. Everyone was getting supplies for the weekend with the fireworks. Many dogs are terrified of the sound, including Riley. So far so good, but no fireworks yet. They'll be firing them all frigging weekend out here. We also ordered a new Thundershirt. Her old one is shot. We'll do our best to keep her happy. 

The updated shots is list below She's not due back until November for a heartworm test and in December another bordetella booster. They want a mid-year physical exam in December. We'll see.