Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lots to do

Antler after groomer visit. Yum!

 Getting to know cousin Chella.

At the vet: Why won't that puppy quit whining?

Riley has been having an eventful life the past couple of weeks, which she'd, frankly, just as soon not have. Her company for this week, a wonderful and beautifully behaved kitty, Chella, who belongs to Alex, is fun, but oh, so worrisome. What does it mean? Will this feline replace me? So much to worry about. 

We saw Dr. Norma today. Riley is down 6 pounds to 63 pounds, which is good. She's in very good health. She got her rabies, lepto, flu and Bordatella shots today. She has no real problems, just a little gingivitis and some allergies. She'll soon be taking some Claritan to fix some of her itching. And we'll be "brushing" with the chicken-flavored toothpaste.

She doesn't need to go back to the vet until November for a heartworm test. Then meds in December and a Bordetella booster Dec. 3. 

Some notes: 

We'll be getting the $25 rebate from the flea/tick and heartworm meds.

UPDATE: List of shots

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