Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dog Park with Rex and Bogdan

Riley and Rex

Happy Riley after the park and breakfast. 

Today Riley and I went to the GLDP. As we were arriving, a woman and her golden lab, Mercedes, who looked like Riley only with long hair, was leaving. We said hello and hoped we'd meet another day. As I walked in, a boy, about 10, and his dog, Rex, a 1.5-year-old German shepherd/black lab mix were arriving. His name was Bogdan, a name I was not familiar with. He was so friendly and we talked for almost a half hour while the dogs sort of played. Riley wasn't real crazy about Rex, but they ran around the park a few times.

Rex had been a "wild" dog, Bogdan told me. Somebody turned him into the shelter and Bogdan "bought him on half-price day" for $85, because that was all he had. So cute. He takes Rex to the dog park at least three times a day in the summer. And they go on bike rides. Rex jumps in the bayou. And he's gotten off his leash a time or two and killed a duck and other birds. One time he found a bunny head in the dog park. Dogs will do what dogs will do. 

Rex was sweet, but he was one of those dogs I don't fully trust. There's something about him. Through the fence when Riley approached, the hair on his neck stood up. That's a bad sign. But that was the only time. He is potentially aggressive, although not toward Riley, at least not today. 

Bamboo, the goofy Great Dane who often visits the park, apparently hates him, Bogdan says. Vlad says most of the dogs don't like Rex. Well, at least Rex has Bogdan. A better friend a dog could not find. 

It turns out Bogdan is the son of one of the Russian ladies who live in Grand Lakes. I discovered this after I told Vlad about the morning in the park. Vlad sees more people when he takes the dog there after work, including Russians. So Bogdan is a Slavic name.

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