Thursday, December 12, 2013

Info for Uncle Alex

Feed twice a day, once in morning, once in evening.
            Feed about half-cup of kibble and about third-cup of canned food. Mix it up.
            In the morning only, I grind up one Glucosamine pill (arthritis) in the funny little mortar/pestle  and give one squirt of the AllerG-3 omega-3 sauce (allergies and arthritis). Don’t worry about this unless you want to. She’ll be OK a week without it.
            Treats:  She gets one if she finishes her food. Give her a Kirkland bone. You can give her further treats when you want. Warning: Only one rawhide (Dingo) every three  days at the most. They screw up her digestion if she gets too many. You don’t want to clean that up.
            If she won’t eat, and she probably won’t:  Put a small spoon of cottage cheese in her food, or a cooked egg or some soup broth or something similar.  If she still doesn’t eat, just let it go. Leave the food and if she doesn’t eat by the next meal time, throw it away and start over with new food. She eventually will eat. If she doesn’t eat for three full days, call the vet.
            If she’s licking the bowl, she’s still hungry. Put a half-cup of kibble in her bowl.  That usually does it. If she doesn’t eat it immediately, she will eventually. She’s waiting for you to put more good stuff on there, but don’t.
            Make sure she has water! Check it in the morning when you feed her.

Poop and pee and diarrhea
Take her in the backyard first thing in the morning.
When she’s nudging you, you must listen. Usually she needs to go. Don’t ignore her unless you wanna clean up the mess.
She usually will not poo/pee unless you’re on the patio or in the yard with her. Tell her “Go pee!”
You must clean up any poop when you’re on a walk, but not in the backyard. We have a stock of bags in the planter inside the front door. Replenish with the bags at the poop stations on the walks. If they’re out, check the next time.
Riley will get diarrhea if she gets upset or otherwise stressed out or eats badly. Keep things calm, don’t be angry with her. Just a stern “No!” will suffice. And don’t feed her much people food. If you must, make it very bland things. NO SALT. That’s super bad. And nothing she could choke on, like grapes.

She needs you
Please don’t leave her alone for very long periods, more than 10 hours, or overnight. She needs companionship.
Sometimes she’s super needy when you want her to leave you alone. Don’t be angry/loud with her or she’ll get upset = diarrhea.  If you take her on walks and get her tired that will eliminate a lot of that.

Her nightly jaunts
She thinks there are critters in the backyard at midnight that must be dealt with. She wants to run out there. She’ll usually bark once and then run back and forth. Don’t let her carry on barking. Sometimes she poops. It just depends. But this is the only time she doesn’t care if you’re out there. You can leave her out there and she’s fine for from 5 to 20 minutes. She’ll scratch on the door when she wants to come back in. Listen for her. Sometimes she wants to do it two or three times.

She likes to sleep on the bed with people. If you want her to, let her. Put a quilt on the area of the bed so she doesn’t get your linens dirty.
If you don’t want her to, just tell her no, “Go lay down.” She knows what that means and she’ll give you “pobrecito” eyes.
She may jump on the bed when you’re asleep. I would put a “dog quilt” there just in case.

Thunder, etc.
She is inconsolable during thunder, fireworks, chirping smoke alarms and fire in the fireplace. We left her Thundershirt at Mom’s. If a package comes from Mom’s, open it to get the Thundershirt.
There’s not much you can do when she’s like this. She will not listen to you because she’s in panic/flight mode. She wants to crawl into the wall and disappear.

Pet Medical Center of Katy


6455 S Fry Rd

Phone: 281-392-7544
Fax: 281-392-7606

Office Hours:
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 7a - 7p
Wed, Sat: 8a - 12p
Wed: technician appointments only

Emergency Information

There are currently no after hours facilities in Katy, TX.

If you have an after hours emergency with your pet, please contact or go to the nearest emergency facility. We recommend the following emergency hospitals

Animal Emergency Center of West Houston
(24 hours / 7 days a week)
Phone: (832) 593.8387
4823 Highway 6 North
Houston, TX 77084

Veterinary Emergency Referral Group (VERGI)
(24 hours / 7 days a week)
Phone: (713) 932.9589
8921 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77024

Sugar Land Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center
(24 hours / 7 days a week)
Phone: (281) 491.7800
1515 Lake Pointe Parkway
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Other Phone Numbers

Below is a list of phone numbers and web addresses that we would like to provide for your convenience:

Animal Poison Control 1-888-426-4911

Citizens for Animal Protection (281) 497-0591

Fort Bend Animal Control
After hours (281) 342-1512
(281) 342-6116

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists

Gulf Coast Eye Clinic (713) 461-3132

Harris County Animal Control (281) 999-3191

Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (512) 305-7555

Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Clinic (979) 845-2351

Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (713) 468-8972

U.S.D.A: For Health Certificate Processing
903 San Jacinto Blvd. Rm 220
Austin, TX 78701 (512) 383-2411

Houston SPCA (713)869-7722

Veterinary Dental Services/Dr. Boyd (713) 777-2323

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