Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Doctor's orders

Too much of this going on. 

Riley and I went to see Dr. Cruz today for a heartworm check and a Bordatella booster.

Riley's up to 69.1 pounds, about 4.1 pounds overweight, Dr. Cruz says. We need to get her down. She's not overeating, in fact I don't think she's eating enough food, which is why Dr. Cruz wants to give her a thyroid test, which costs $175 and I really don't want to go there. Maybe Vlad and I need to be more strict with what we give her. Perhaps we're supplementing with too many scraps and she's getting too many treats. At the least, we all need to get back to our daily exercising regime. That should help bring her back down.

Dr. Cruz mentioned I needed to replenish Riley's arthritis regimen, which had been glucosamine dog treats. I remember them being quite pricey, so I stopped tip-toeing around about these expensive products they have. So she suggested human glucosamine supplements: Osteo Bi-flex works best: 1500 mg once daily. And the added MSM is fine. I found a year's supply online for $18.50. Win!

Rawhide treats: Riley chews them up and swallows them, rather quickly. I asked Dr. Cruz about them. She said the flat ones are the least problematic. The rolled-up ones can cause blockages if they're not chewed up enough. Also, don't get the ones that are basted/flavored. They can be tainted with e.coli or salmonella. All this said, she's tolerating the rawhide we have just fine, as long as she doesn't get them every day. I'm not going to worry about this one too much.

Other than her weight, Riley is fine. She has a little gingivitis that we need to take care of with some brushing. I had been avoiding that because, well, yuck.

Tomorrow she goes to the groomers for a haircut, nail clip and a much-needed bath.

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