Monday, May 13, 2013

Pain and whimpering

Our girl is suffering, maybe arthritis, maybe hip dysplasia. It's been going on around 24 hours now. She has a lot of pain in her back legs and can't get up on the bed, can hardly get in the car. She whimpers when she gets up or steps down or turns around.

She can walk. Volodya took her around the lake this morning and she did all the normal things: pooped, peed, tried to chase ducks and rabbits, ate grass. But it all went in slow motion.

Afterward, she ate breakfast like normal. I gave her a glucosamine dog treat for cleaning her plate.

I have an appointment to take her back to the vet tomorrow at 2:20 p.m. I hope she'll snap out of this spell, like she did the last one. Suddenly the vet bills are piling up! We'll get her sorted out soon enough.

She's gained a few pounds, which she needed, so we thought, and she showed signs of arthritis before, but this is different.

So how many calories are in these dog foods? They don't say on the package. How many calories does a dog her size need? Who knows.

Meanwhile, today I'm reading too much on canine arthritis and dog weight on the Internet. Here's a very interesting link on how to shop for dog food. It's from people advocating raw food, which isn't happening in this house, but they have done some impressive homework on pet food labeling:

  What Pet Food Makers Don't Want You to Know

And there is lots of info on arthritis and dogs on the Webbernets. I've distilled it to this:

-- Get a vet to diagnose exactly what's going on.
-- Moderate exercise only.
-- Get your dog to lose a couple of pounds.

After that, it goes in all directions.

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