Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back to see Dr. Cruz

Today Riley saw Dr. Cruz again at the Pet Medical Center of Katy. She's all tuckered out now because we went to the dog park afterward and played with a beagle!

Riley must be among the best patients ever. She doesn't flinch when they give her vaccine shots. She's completely compliant when they shoot vaccine up her nose. After having nothing but bitchy cats for years, this is a completely new world to me.

Today, she got her Lepto booster (to protect her against Leptospirosis, a bacterial disease spread by soil, water and urine of infected animals.) Because we're on the edge of the prairie and there are lots of critters about, it's a good idea to have this. She's done with Lepto for another year.

She also got her second booster vaccine for canine flu, and she's due for another in a year.

She also got her final Bordetella booster, which is that bacterial bronchitis known as "kennel cough."

Here's her schedule for upcoming shots:

July 11, 2015: DHPP 3-year booster
May 1, 2014: Canine flu annual booster
May 1, 2014: Lepto booster
Jan. 19, 2014: Rabies booster
Dec. 3, 2013: Heartworm test
Oct. 30, 2013: Bordetella booster

Her weight was up 1.8 pounds, she's at 64.8 pounds. When we got her she was underweight at about 55 pounds. The vet assistant says she's about right now, so we need to keep her weight steady. He said you need to be able to feel her ribs and see the ridge contour in her underside and in her sides. She's getting a lot of treats; we'll need to check the calorie counts on those. We'll cut back on the dry food a little and make sure she gets her walks in. Good for us as well!

She has some kind of crusty spots on her skin on her back. Dr. Cruz isn't sure what that's from. Could have been from her shave, but she doubts it. Something is irritating her skin. Could be allergies. She suggested we give her a bath with an oatmeal shampoo.

Because of the vaccines, and because last time she got diarrhea after the doctor and the groomer and all the new stuff we were giving her -- glucosomine treats, fish oil food spray, antihistamines -- she said don't change anything yet. See if the vaccines are making her sick. After a week, we can start back on one thing, she suggested the fish oil because it's good for her skin. The only thing I continued to give her was the antihistimine.

Speaking of which, I told them she was scratching her nose a lot and the vet assistant suggested an increase in the antihistimine, which I'll do after the one-week grace period. I suppose it's possible that may help the crusty irritations as well.

One more thing, her right ear still has a little debris and some wax in it. I am not getting that out with the ear cleaner. So will try to do better on that.

Vlad and I plan to give Riley a bath Saturday. It really takes two to keep her still.

She's looking good!