Thursday, May 16, 2013

All right now

Riley did not exhibit any problems on Tuesday for Dr. Cruz, but it's not unusual. She gave her some anti-inflammatories - Deramaxx - for the next time it happens. Whatever it was - probably pain due to overexertion - she's over it. 

However, she gained a pound from two weeks ago. What? She's not eating that much and in fact we have cut back on her food. Soooo. Dr. Cruz says to watch it, and come in next month if she gains more weight because she may have a thyroid problem. Oh, whatever. I don't ever remember having a pet with so many problems. We'll hope for the best. She's not fat, of course, but this rate of weight gain is unsustainable. Poor thing is still hungry, too. It feels kind of cruel.

Anyway, that was the meat of the situation. Volodya took her to the dog park last night and she played hard with some pups. Today she's fine.

She has started being very insistent physically, trying to "dig" into the carpet between my bed and nightstand. She won't stop, no matter how many times I tell her. She has to be under my feet all the time. 

We've DVRed a bunch of "Dog Whisperer" shows trying to learn about dogs in the off-hours. But he mostly deals with dogs who bite or don't get along. At least so far. So that's been a bust mostly. It's interesting his "pack" philosophies, though. They're complicated and it's hard to remember what to do when. But it's really cool what Cesar Millan can do to fix a screwed-up dog. 

In my teen years I had a couple of dogs "turn" on me. I went through a period of being afraid of larger dogs. It wasn't debilitating, but it was a phobia. Cesar works with people afraid of dogs and one thing I learned: If a dog isn't curious about you, smelling you, etc. then back off. It is likely a dangerous situation.

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